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Award Chart Maps for 12 Airlines

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Simple maps to help you find out what's in your reach

We like to use our frequent flyer miles to go to far off places. But we don't think about it in complicated charts and fine print.

So we created maps for 12 popular frequent flyer programs, so you can better figure out where your miles can take you.


  • Maps that color code award regions for your favorite frequent flyer programs
  • Simple annotations at the bottom of each slide that detail program restrictions and quirks
  • Links to the award charts (when they exist)
  • Award sweet spots that take advantage of region definitions

Programs Supported:

  • American
  • United
  • Delta
  • Air Canada
  • Lufthansa
  • TACA/Avianca
  • ANA
  • Singapore
  • Turkish
  • Korean
  • Air France
  • Alitalia

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is it?

A simple set of maps in powerpoint form that color code each airline frequent flyer mile onto a world map

Why would I use this?

In many cases, you can take advantage of different region definitions to get cheaper award prices. Want to go to Shenzhen? Hong Kong is a short train ride away and in a different region on many award charts.

These maps are also helpful to choose additional destinations for a stopover, or if there is no award availability to your top-vacation choice. No award seats to Brazil? Go to Argentina! It's in the same region.

Don't the airlines already do this?

Surprisingly, they don't. We've combed all of the websites to figure out what region each country is in. Some make no sense!

How do I know how much an award ticket will cost?

Check out our other product! 

Business Class Award Ticket Price Calculator 

It'll tell you how much an award costs from North America to over 300 destinations!

Want to travel in coach or first class? Pre-order our next version, coming out in a few weeks!

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Award Chart Maps for 12 Airlines

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